Ideas work best when shared.

Make your brand reach its true potential. Your customers know your product closer than ever, why not ask them how you could serve them better? That’s where ZenOpinion comes in the picture.

Ideas work best when shared.

Make your brand reach its true potential.That’s where ZenOpinion comes in the picture.

Silver linings of ZenOpinion!

With ZenOpinion, it's all about customer satisfaction. Create a dynamic ever- increasing customer community and make the most out of them.

Get your users' instant feedback, comments, votes and much more in a jiffy.
Easy Customization
With customizable pages, blend ZenOpinion easily with your website design!
Private Forum
Create more powerful forums for productive discussions by inviting selected users only.
Real-time Alerts
Stay updated. Always. Get alerts about all the activities on your forum. In seconds.
Vote Opinion
Vote for opinions you like and support. And tell the world about what you think.
Ban User
Immoral users? Inappropriate can will be blocked from your community with a click.

Why ZenOpinion?

Using ZenOpinion, you can create a dynamic customer community, convert your customer feedback into revenue and innovate to get more customers.

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    Easy to use
    It is the most complete, easy-to-use add-on to your site.
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    Easy to install
    Install ZenOpinion in less than 5 minutes.
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    One time cost
    Now you are not limited to recurring cost.

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Feedback can't get any better! Convert Feedback to Sales