7 Rules for Good Customer Service

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Companies and their brands need to reach out to their customers and build meaningful relationships with them. It helps improve the reputation of their brand. Today product improvement process has become a stepping stone towards success. But to achieve that you need to be in touch with your customers.

Following are some tips that will help you improve your customer service:

#1 Listen to your customers.
Your work doesn’t end by selling your product. But it is after selling the product that your true customer service comes into picture. Always give your ears to your customers and ask what you can do to serve them better.

#2 Look at all complaints about your service as an opportunity to improve.
No one knows your product better than your customers. They are your true critics. Aim to resolve all the customer complaints quickly and efficiently. Remember – the customers’ perception is your reality!

#3 Surprise customers with a bonus.
When people spend money on a product, the last thing you want them to think is, “Was it really worth?” To combat this, you should surprise each of your customers with a little bonus. Say for example, when paying the bill in a restaurant, if the waiter gives you a mint for free, you keep more tip than usual. Sometimes small surprises make big differences.

#4 Take the blame.
“It’s my fault.” When you (or your team) have made a mistake, own it. Most customers judge their service providers less on the instance of errors, and more on the manner in which those errors are addressed. They don’t expect you to be perfect. But they do expect you to admit and fix the errors when you go wrong.

#5 Keep your promises.
Develop the ability to manage the expectations of customer complaints. Stay up-to-date with company policies to ensure that any promise you make to a customer can be delivered.

#6 Be in direct touch with your customers.
Do not involve any third party individuals to listen to customer queries. Be in direct touch with them.

#7 Evaluate your performance on a regular basis.
Measure your results and keep track of continuous feedback and evaluation to measure progress.

The irony of a good customer service is that over time it will bring in more new customers than promotions ever did.
So be happy and keep your customers happy!

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