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Christmas offer

Christmas and New year are the perfect occasions where you can express all your love and care. So this can be the best time where you can gain customer insight and their most valued feedback.
The last time for this year!

It is always imperative to look down the memory lane and learn from your mistakes. Your endearing customers can help you improvise by giving their most treasured suggestions at every stage in the customer lifecycle. Considering those opinions and ideas you can serve your customers better, the upcoming year.

Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. But most importantly focus on where those two meet.

Hence presenting you ZenOpinion – the perfect feedback management tool that lets you connect to your customers!

ZenOpinion is overloaded with abundant features that helps you make your website complete. Lets look into the gravity of the most utile features.
Quick Opinion
Users can quickly provide their email-id and give suggestions

Vote an Opinion
Users can support other users proposition

Easy Customization
The website widget is easy to use and blends perfectly with your site

Easy Segregation of ideas
Ideas become more manageable by partitioning them

Ban users
Avoid annoying and pesky users with just a click of a button

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echo’s are truly endless. So let your users glorify you in the new year.
Avail this offer today!

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